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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fabulous Finift

Fabulous Finift Enamel Jewelry straight from Russian artisans available for purchase at The Russian Store.

Rostov Finift Enamel Jewelry consists of enamel and fine German silver.

Each Finift Enamel ring, earring, pendant, brooch, and bracelet features a Russian artist's hand-painted design (usually a flower, rose, or bouquet) on it.

Finift Enamel jewelry is lightweight and easy to wear. Many of the rings are adjustable to fit numerous sizes.

If you love Russian gifts, and already have nesting dolls, Khokhloma dishware, and Baltic Amber jewelry, then you should invest in a piece of Finift Enamel jewelry to complete your collection.

Interesting Information:

- Painting on Enamel is similar to painting on Porcelain.

- Finift is derived from Greek finftis, meaning "bright."

- An extremely detailed Finift jewelry piece can take up to 10 separate firings.

- Colors vary frequently between each piece.

- Finift is forever. The painting will not deteriorate whatsoever due to temperature, light, etc.

- Large monasteries were originally the main buyer of miniature Enamel icons and such.

- Finift enamel jewelry made a debut in 1900.

- Original technology was invented in France, but mastered by Russians in Rostov.

Source: http://www.russia-ic.com/culture_art/visual_arts/964/#.U9fYPPldWCk

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