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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Favorite Russian Images

Take a look at some of the most fun Russian images found on the net!

A clever ad for Delight Margarine! 

Delight Margarine: "RUSSIAN DOLLS" Print Ad by Ogilvy & Mather

Another interesting Russian flair ad! Lady Gaga and a Pavlovo Posad Shawl

Benedict Language School: Lady Gaga "We used the start the most famous child Russian song and continued in English. A simple example, we showed that learning English is not so difficult but funny in Benedict School." Advertising Agency: Power, Novokuznetsk, Russia

This exact shawl is available at The Russian Store! (http://www.therussianstore.com/serene-meadow-wool-shawl.html)

              Pavlovo Posad Russian Wool Shawl

The human nesting doll:

Khokhloma nails, looking like our Khokhloma Dishware!

Pretty big LEGO matryoshka:


Little Russian Princess:

VOUGUE nesting doll:

The Russian matryoshka nesting doll skeleton:

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  1. >>>hi Daniele Scarpa Kos author of the "skeleton-matryoshka"...
    >>>this is my blog:

    1. Thanks Daniele, we were wondering who came up with that cool & funny matryoshka skeleton drawing. Could you please provide a direct link to it on your blog, as we cannot find it there... we would love to give you credit for this!