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Birch Tree Love

Birch  (“bereza” or “berezka” in Russian)  trees are not only beautiful, but quite bountiful in certain parts of Russia (think mid-region f...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Birch Tree Love

Birch (“bereza” or “berezka” in Russian) trees are not only beautiful, but quite bountiful in certain parts of Russia (think mid-region forests). It is only natural that the white trunk Birch tree is indeed a wonderful symbol (of many) for Mother Russia and the Fatherland. Though, it is not a symbol (or National Tree) just because of its quantity... it's also a symbol because of it's quality and history.

A very long time ago, Birch trees were planted around homes (usually in a row surrounding the house to make a 'Birch Belt'), as they were thought to ward of evil spirits and diseases. These trees did a lot more than ward off evil though. 

Birch trees were also a symbol of Spring, love, light, and wishes. 

Birch tree bark was, and still is, used for an enormous list of varying objects, art, tools, clothing, etc. Birch wood crafting is still a really big deal in Russia. 

Here are a few examples of the amazing Russian Birch wood handicraft:
Birch Bark Russian Craft Box
Intricate Basket made of Birch bark.

Lapti Russian Shoes
Lapti Shoes made from Birch bark. 

Birchbark Canoe & Builder Steve Cayard.
Birch Bark Pendant Necklace with Amber
Birch Tree Bark Pendant Necklace with Amber Stone.

What about Birch sap? Yup, that is used too. It can be ingested raw or fermented. It is refreshing by itself, and delicious added into many food options (Birch beer, wintergreen flavored candy). 

And, apparently, Birch sap is so healthy for you, it is being dubbed "The New Coconut Water." 
Concentrated birch sap is used to make birch syrup In Russia this tonic is used as a traditional herbal medicine functioning as antiseptic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itching treatment. (source http://lastochka-fromrussiawithlove.blogspot.com/2009/04/birch-symbol-of-russia.html)
Russians collect sap every Spring, take a quick look. And read a little bit more about Birch Juice (Beryozovy Sok) here.

You can easily find love for Birch trees all over the world, but especially in many Russian fairy-tales, artworks, songs, and poems.

These Birch Tree Artworks are actually not of Russian origin, but we do love them! What do you think about them? You can find these original art pieces and more at MikeKrausArt on Etsy!

And, show your love for Birch trees by wearing a Birch Tree T-Shirt by KurochkaClothing!

Birch Tree Print T Shirt
T-Shirt & Image by KurochkaClothing.

Oh, and don't forget your hand-carved wooden nesting doll! :)

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