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Friday, July 25, 2014


A letter from a new satisfied customer! Please read this wonderful note we received from a proud grandfather...

 For my granddaughter’s 7th birthday, I decided to buy her a nesting doll (Matroshka Doll).  My sister had one growing up and I always thought it fascinating.  I googled “Nesting Dolls” and found this incredible site: therussianstore.com.  Out of a very large collection, I found the perfect doll.  My granddaughters love cats so I sent her a doll with little girls holding cats.  I further explored the site and also found an incredible colorful Russian-made apron.  The girls are also into gardening and cooking so I sent the apron along as well.  When my granddaughter received the package, she called  immediately to thank me for the gifts.  Unbeknownst to me she told me their favorite book was “The Littlest Matroshka” but they had never seen a real Matroshka doll.  She was thrilled and sent me a photo of the doll, the book and the apron.  I do not believe I have ever sent a more appropriate or well-received gift.  The only problem is that my 9 year old granddaughter is jealous.  Fortunately, she has a birthday coming up soon!  Guess what I’ll be sending? Thank you The Russian Store for helping me be a “hero grandpa”. -Jon

This certainty isn't the first time we have had such happy people contact us to tell us thank-you, but we love hearing it so much that it always feels like the first time! So please share your story with us, if you have one... otherwise, it's time to make your own story, start by shopping a huge selection of nesting dolls at The Russian Store!

Matryoshka with Cats Item # ND02147A05

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