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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Unique Nesting Doll - Manly Matryoshka!

Have you ever seen a manly matryoshka like this one? A very obvious man! I mean, he's got his big belly poking out of his shirt, a long mustache, and a balding head! He is a happy and very healthy male. With a wife, a son, and two daughters!

This 5 piece nesting doll (available at The Russian Store) was carved in Russia by hand from Birch wood. A talented Russian artisan then painted the wooden doll with a fun, family-oriented theme. The Father holds a golden fork, with a vareniki (Russian pierogi) on it, as well as an onion. The rest of the family holds food too, so either they are farmers or it's dinner time!

The specs:

Name: Ukrainian Family Nesting Doll
Item #: ND01263A05
Price: $73.99
Size: About 6 1/2" tall
Made in Russia
Signed by artist on bottom of doll

So, what do you think about this masculine matryoshka? Do you have any males in your nesting doll collection?

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