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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Butterscotch! Amber Jewelry!

Amber Jewelry - Butterscotch Amber Beads Necklace
Butterscotch beads! Amber "gemstones" come in like a million and one colors, and this particular necklace is made up of a bunch of creamy yellow butterscotch amber beads that all have been rounded perfectly. Each bead has its own unique swirls of cream throughout the yellow-orange hue. Some of these natural beads are darker in hue and contain natural dark flecks.

Butterscotch amber is great for brightening up a rainy day, as the yellow color has been known to produce the feeling of happiness in people.

This impressive necklace was made in Russia and sells at The Russian Store for $336.99 - a great deal considering Butterscotch Amber is much more rare than say, Honey Amber.

From "Amber Colors" :

Butterscotch Amber

Butterscotch amber jewelry
Butterscotch amber is distinguished by its variety of textures and natural embellishments. It can present a different degree of opaqueness with some areas of transparency. The color of butterscotch amber varies from white to dark yellow, and all hues in between…
Butterscotch amber is often referred to as royal amber because there was a time in history when only the rich elites could afford to own it due to its level of scarcity. Today, with modern mining techniques, butterscotch amber is not as rare as it once was, but it is still considered to be the rarest form of amber.
What do you think? You ready to take a look at some sunny yellow butterscotch amber jewelry?


  1. beautiful. would be nice to have some yellow jewelry...