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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Insect Inclusion Amber Jewelry & Gems

Amber is such a beautiful and interesting "stone." It really is tree sap, but it looks and feels like a gemstone and it is considered a gemstone. It takes millions of years to form itself, and sometimes it forms with insects trapped inside. When real amber is formed with insect inclusions it is a highly sought after, truly unique piece of history to own. (More on the history of amber)

Beware of cheap plastic knock-off insects in amber! Always purchase from a reputable source, such as The Russian Store to ensure your receiving the real thing. There are a few ways to test if amber is real or not; Determining if your amber is real or fake.

Pictured below is a cute, affordable way to enjoy genuine insect inclusion amber! A tiny piece of Russian amber (about 1/4") is housed in a small 1" x 1" x 1" clear plastic box with a magnifying lens top. This allows the viewer a chance to see the insect's body and legs easily. These unique insect amber stone gift boxes retail at $39.99

Collectible Real Amber Nugget with Insect in Box

Take a look at this close up of a much larger, stunning amber piece (over 2" long), with more than one insect, sold by itself with no box, for $176.99... amazing, huh?

Real amber with real insects stuck inside could be a special and unique gift for the entomologist in your life. Or, perhaps, simply the history buff or nature lover in your life. 

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