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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nesting Dolls on Shelves - Decorating your home with nesting dolls

Here are some photos of how people display their nesting dolls!

Nesting dolls against a cutesy wallpaper... always a pleasure to look at!

Nesting dolls and doilies (and books and flowers) go together quite nice. 

All different types of nesting dolls lined up on a shelf. Colorful and cute.

One large nesting doll lined up on its own shelf, among a busy bookshelf adds a wonderful touch!

It just takes one small shelf, one nesting doll, and a couple of vases...

A classic red & yellow matryoshka on the kitchen shelf. Darling.

Nesting dolls must love to read... here are a few, with books, on a shelf.

These nesting dolls add a splash of red color to a black and white area.

Matryoshka dolls on simple shelves... with a wallpaper backdrop.

She fits right in... dollhouse bookshelf with books, toys, and other small collectibles.

Russian nesting dolls hanging out on the TV stand.

Again, one small shelf and a few nesting dolls equals a lovely display!

a nesting doll cluster on a couple of big books.

Do you have a nesting doll for your home yet?

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