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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Nesting Doll Spirit - Russian Doll Bakery & Catering

Russian nesting dolls... they can embody anything and everything these days. It started out as a simple wooden doll toy representing peasant life in Russia, and has since grown into so much more. 

Today you can find absolutely anything depicted on nesting dolls (TV show characters, abstract art, all sorts of animals, the list goes on and on and on) or you can create your own. 

But, there is something special about traditional, smiling, chubby-cheeked matryoshka dolls wearing floral aprons. Perhaps it's their original spirit of family, love, and life coming through.

One way to extend that stacking doll spirit is to incorporate it in your business. Now, I am not talking about a business that sells Russian souvenirs (like us), but a completely different type of business. 

What Russian Doll Bakery & Catering has done with their business logo (pictured below) is pretty inspiring. Read their short blog post about how they came up with their name and logo. 

So, because this company has a "nesting doll spirit" based off of family, love, and life, we would highly recommend Russian Doll Bakery and Catering for anyone looking for a caring caterer in Riverside County, High Desert, Inland Empire, Southern California and Orange County. 

How would you represent your very own nesting doll spirit? What would your matryoshka stand for?

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