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Friday, March 20, 2015

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl jewelry is perfect for Spring! The silky white gemstone goes with everything, and the Mother-of-Pearl pastels are ideal for warmer weather.

The simple Mother of Pearl Pendant:

This 1 3/4" long pendant is classic. Great for anyone! Shimmers wonderfully when moved and/or in the light. 

The painted Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace:

Hand-painted blue flowers on a shiny slab of Mother of Pearl!

-->See all of our Mother of Pearl Jewelry!

Tidbits on the gemstone Mother of Pearl 

- Nacre is the technical term for Mother of Pearl.
- Nacre comes from mollusks' shell linings; it protects them from parasites and other dangers.
- Mother of Pearl jewelry is considered Organic Jewelry because it was once a part of a living being.
- Mother of Pearl in Russian = перламутровый  
- Mother of Pearl is a strong stone, and (when worn) is known to be highly protective, especially for children.
- This gemstone is also known to help provide focus and sincerity.
- Overall, this iridescent gem is said to have a calming effect. (Much like the ocean's calming waves).
- Mother of Pearl's sibling is Abalone:
Abalone Shell Earrings

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