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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Russian Easter Eggs

Pysanky eggs - Handpainted eggs from Russia
Decorative eggs are always a big part of the Easter holiday for many, but did you know that the beauty and symbolism of eggs can be enjoyed all year 'round in your home, easily with The Russian Store's collection of eggs!

First, we have wooden eggs, which have all been hand-crafted and hand-painted. 
These wooden eggs come in six main styles: 
1. Decorative Floral Eggs. These beautifully Zhostovo-style painted eggs feature blossoming bouquets, on either a blue, red, white, or black background. 
2. Decorative "Other" Eggs, such has our totally original Arizona desert themed eggs. 
3. Religious Icon Wooden Eggs, featuring many different Orthodox themes. 
4. Russian Pysanky Eggs. The classic Ukrainian folk art Russian Easter egg! (Happy Pascha!)
5. Wooden Egg Nesting Doll. These go quick! 
(Oh, and we have Christmas Ornament Eggs, too).

Arizona Theme Wooden Painted Egg from RussiaDecorative Floral Wooden Egg from RussiaRussian Icon EggRussian Pisanki Eggs with Easter GrassEgg Shape Nesting Doll from Russia6 Wooden Egg Ornaments with Painted Kitties

Secondly, we have crystal eggs. Russian crystal with gold accents. Stunning in the sunlight! These hand-blown and engraved with 22 K gold in St. Petersburg, Russia. They feature either a botanical theme or a Russian theme, such as the Russian crest.

Red Botanical Crystal Russian EggRussian Floral Doves Crystal Egg RedRussian Crest Blue Crystal Egg with Gold

And last, of course we have Fabergé eggs. Sparkling crystal studded pewter egg trinket boxes that open and close. A fun way to store all sorts of things. The Russian Store also has Faberge egg pendants. These are a fabulous way to wear an egg around your neck!

Faberge Egg Pendant JewelryRed Faberge Egg Trinket Box on Stand

We love EGGS of all kinds... what about you?

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  1. I love the Cobalt blue and gold Russian Crystal egg?