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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts from The Russian Store!

A Beautiful Bride 5-Piece Nesting Doll. Excellent quality, unique, memorable, and fun! 
Hand-painted, matte finish, authentic wooden Russian nesting doll available here:

Wedding Day Bride Nesting Doll

Hand-crafted Wedding Day Bride ornament. 
Lovely lace, ribbons, and golden accents decorate this pretty porcelain face wife-to-be. 

Hand-crafted Bride Ornament Doll

A fancy way to gift a bottle of wine or other beverage!

Russian Bottle Holder - Rose PrincessRussian Bottle Holder - open - Rose Princess

Russian Bottle Holder for Groom or MenAn Open Russian Bottle Holder for Groom or Men

A wonderful and warm gift idea is an authentic Orenburg Shawl; the wedding ring shawl.

A religious wedding gift, Christ & Virgin Of Kazan Diptych Wedding Icon Set,

Christ and Virgin of Kazan Diptych Wedding Icon Set

There's more! Take a look at our extensive jewelry, glass figurines, and other Russian craft collections available at 

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