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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Unique Nesting Doll - Arizona Native American Girls

An authentic Russian wooden nesting doll with Native American Girls painting on it?!? Huh?

This unique nesting doll was made specifically for The Russian Store's awesome nesting doll collection, because even though The Russian Store is an online store, all of their products ship from Arizona where the company is based.

Nesting Dolls - Native American Tribes

On the front of each nesting doll is vibrantly painted Native American girls in beautiful outfits set against a desert background.

Each doll also represents a different tribe. The Native American tribes represented (in order from largest doll to smallest doll) are: Sioux, Navajo, Arapaho, Apache, and Hopi. 

The desert scene background extends all the way around the dolls where you can see cacti.

The main doll is about 7" tall and has been signed by the Russian artist. Gloss finished.

Most likely, you will never find another doll like this one, so, if you are interested in adding this one-of-a-kind matryoshka nesting doll to your collection, visit http://www.therussianstore.com/native-american-girls-nesting-dolls.html and place your order!

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