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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lucky Elephants

Do you have any elephants with their trunks in the air around your home or office?

Yes? Awesome!

No? Why not? They are considered Good Luck! Good Luck Elephants are a fun way to decorate your living space. They also make great gifts for many types of people.

Take a look at this adorable little blue elephant. He is only about 1" in size, so, he could be put just about anywhere! (Putting any glass figurines on or near a windowsill where sunlight enters is a very good spot! The light will pass through the glass figurine, and paint your walls with their colors). And, this tiny elephant is only $14.99 and available in different colors!

Each and every glass figurine at The Russian Store was hand-crafted individually by a talented, professional glass-worker in St. Petersburg, Russia (unless otherwise noted). The quality of Russian art glass is something to behold. Tiny details and adorable facial expressions bring these miniature glass animals to life. *No two figurines will ever be exactly the same, since each one was hand-blown. Cute and collectible!

Another elephant home decor option would be an elephant trinket box

These "mini statues" of elephants are made of heavy pewter and contain a hinge & magnet, allowing the elephant to open and close. Yes! Open and close... this beautiful, pink, crystal-studded elephant actually opens up to reveal a hidden area. Store precious, small jewelry items in there to keep them free of dust. Hide some money in there for use on a rainy day. Write down wishes, dreams, and hopes for yourself on a piece of paper and then keep it inside the elephant box. There are many things you can do with an elephant animal trinket box! 

For a look into elephants in the home with a Feng Shui perspective, visit:

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  1. I like to give elephant gifts like these to a party with a "white elephant" gift exchange happening. I am going to buy these now so that I have them ready to go! Thanks for the post