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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mini Moments - Glass Animal Figurines

Have a mini moment every time you gift or glance at a hand-crafted glass figurine from The Russian Store!

These hand-blown miniature glass figurines are the best quality, coming straight from St. Petersburg, where glassblowers have perfected the technique of glass blowing a long, long time ago.

Lucky elephant (elephants with their trunks in the air) glass figurines are very popular. They make interesting business gifts. Colorful birds and fish are also popular. There are many more fun loving animals and crazy creatures, just waiting to be "adopted" at The Russian Store.

Duck Glass FigurineRooster Glass FigurineHuge Glass Scorpion

Gifting Glass Art Figurines:
  • For a fun occasion like a birthday, gift a colorful clown, goofy monkey, or green froggy.
  • For someone about to take a new journey, present a bird glass figurine to help them soar!
  • For those who take baths to relax, gift a beautiful glass fish to keep them company.
  • For the business partner, give a lucky trunk-in-the-air elephant glass figurine to use as a money paper-weight.
  • There are so many more clever art glass gift ideas... do you have one? Comment below!
Want something bigger? Check out large glass art pieces here!
How is art glass made?
Hand-blown glass is one of the oldest forms of artistic glass making, and the process of hand-blowing glass is a complicated one, however we simplified the basic process for quick reading here


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    1. All of our glass figurines were hand-blown by talented gaffers in St. Petersburg, Russia. No two are exactly the same!