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Friday, August 8, 2014

Russian Craft Cats

In Honor of International Cat Day (8/8/14)

Russian Craft Cats:

Cat Nesting Dolls like this orange tabby pictured below, are wonderful pieces of artwork that fill your home with a unique charm. Cat lovers use these kitty nested dolls for more than just decoration, though... some use the larger dolls to store cat toys, catnip, and other kitty-cat mementos.

Cats Nesting Doll from Russia
"Beautiful Cats Nesting Doll"
Cat Glass Figurines also add a special charm to a room in your home. The best place to situate glass kitties is to put them near a window where the sunlight shines through. This way, kittycat comes to life by reflecting color on the walls. The Russian Store's huge glass figurine collection all comes straight from St. Petersburg's talented gaffers.
cat glass figurine
"Cat Glass Figurine"
Cat Trinket Boxes are crystal-studded, pewter-based, hinged boxes shaped like cats, that make cute gifts. They all have a small area to hold pieces of jewelry, or whatever else that you would like to hold inside. Most are gold-plated (if not, then silver-plated) and they all are hand-enameled.

Cat Trinket Box
"Cute Cat Trinket"
Christmas Cats can be seen on some hand-crafted wooden ball ornaments, like these:

Amber Jewelry Cats:Amber Jewelry Cats:
Amber Jewelry Cat
"Cat of Silver & Amber Pendant Necklace"
Amber Jewelry Cat
"Curious Cat Amber Pendant"
Amber Jewelry Cat
"Honey Amber Cat Pendant"

Also take a gander at some Cat Thimbles and some Cat Magnets!

The Russian Store

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