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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Unique Nesting Doll - Groovy Yellow & Brown

This new, authentically Russian nesting doll features rarely seen colors... brown and yellow!

nesting doll
Click this pic to buy the doll!

This nearly 6 1/2" tall, 5 piece nesting doll (available at The Russian Store) was carved in Russia from Birch wood. A talented Russian artisan then painted the wooden doll with a two-color scheme that is rather unusual but looks great. The usual? Bright red. Though, the usual these days are whatever you want... you can pretty much find a nesting doll with just about any theme, as they continue to grow in popularity all over the world. 

The specs: Name: Unique Yellow Nesting Doll
Item # ND02096A05
Price: $54.99
Height: About 6.5"
Made in Russia

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