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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Russian Dolls - Porcelain Princess Style!

Russian porcelain princess dolls
Porcelain Princess Dolls. Many girls, both young and old, love these Russian style princess dolls. Hand-crafted with an awesome assortment of fabrics, from satin bows to lace cuffs, all hand-sewn with historical dress in mind. The porcelain parts have been hand-painted by an artist living and working in Russia.

The Russian Store has a lovely collection to choose from.

"Grand Duchess Alexandra"

Many of these dolls stand on a porcelain cone and are about ten inches tall. There are smaller dolls available, about seven inches tall. There are also a few dolls that have a secret storage compartment underneath the dress! These are functional and fun. Take a look at a Russian Doll with Hidden Box.

A doll collection is not complete without a Russian porcelain princess doll, get your very own today!

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