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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nifty Nesting Dolls

The matryoshka that holds a beverage: Now that's nifty!

These bottle holders are made just like traditional wooden matryoshka dolls, except for the fact that there is no succession of smaller dolls inside. These matryoshka doll bottle holders are shipped to you empty. It is up to you to put a beverage in there! Wine and Russian vodka are popular, but you could put fancy soda pop in there too!

Currently, the bottle holders that The Russian Store has in stock range from $58.99 to $158.99 in price, due to varying artist's work and also the size. The Russian Store has holders for .25 Liters up to .75 Liters. Another factor in price may be the amount of parts per holder. The one pictured on the left ("Rose Princess Bottle Holder") opens at the middle only. There are holders available that open in two areas, the middle and the top.

Matryoshka Magnet & Bottle Holder
The nesting doll bottle opener/magnet: Nifty! Only $6.99 for this cute, colorful, and strong matryoshka magnet/bottle opener!

There is catnip hiding inside this nifty nesting doll. My cat's favorite toy is hiding in the smaller cat...

Beautiful Cats Nesting Doll

55 different dolls. English/Russian Language. Great for learning. Great for fun!

Nesting Doll Nail File. Nifty? What do you think? What's your favorite way to make a nesting doll nifty? Let us know in the comment section below!

for many unique and exciting gifts, collectibles, and souvenirs!

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