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Monday, April 14, 2014

Russian Crafts with a Southwestern Spin

Kokopelli Sunset Lacquer Box

This lacquer box was hand-made in Russia. It is shaped like a nesting doll, but not painted like one! This little box features a Kokopelli. Kokopellis are known to be fertility deities (for pregnancies or for agriculture) and also represent the spirit of music. You can see that this Kokopelli plays a flute-like instrument under a starry night sky. This 2 1/2" x 2" x 1 1/4" lacquered box was made traditionally (just like they were made over 200 years ago) with paper-mache and has the classic red interior and golden outside border.

Lacquer boxes usually feature a Russian fairytale or floral motif. But, artists in Russia made these Southwestern Lacquer Boxes just for us, because we are based out of Arizona! (You will not find these anywhere else!)

Each lacquer box takes 4-6 months to complete and comes from one of the four villages in Russia - Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholuy, or Mstyora. The hand-paintings are usually signed or initialed by the artisan.

Little lacquered boxes are beautiful and useful! They are favored for storing jewelry items or small personal mementos. But the beauty of mixings Russian culture with Arizona Southwest culture is not limited to lacquer boxes...

We also have Southwestern style Russian wooden eggs and keychains, as well as turquoise jewelry from the American Southwest. Desert scenes, cacti, scorpions, coyotes, lizards and geckos, Kokopellis and Kachinas, Arizona birds, Arizona golfing, Pueblo villages, and Native American influences can be seen on a variety of our products. Browse The Russian Store to find all sorts of unique and interesting Russian crafts and souvenirs!

Desert Sunset Wooden Christmas Ball
Desert Sunset Wooden Christmas Ball

Southwest Eggs Ornaments Set

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