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Friday, April 4, 2014

Non-Nesting Nesting Dolls (available now!)

If you LOVE nesting dolls, then you should check out some of these matryoshkas that do not nest. A Russian doll toothpick holder will add a small touch of art & craft to any kitchen.

More nesting dolls for the kitchen:
Russian Doll Apron
Russian Doll Apron

Nesting Doll Tea Cozy
Nesting Doll Tea Cozy

Nesting Doll Bottle Opener
Matryoshka Magnet / Bottle Opener

With these colorful and fun non-nesting nesting dolls, you are ready to throw a unique Russian dinner party or have some strong Russian tea with your best friend! If you really want to go all-out, be sure to check out Khokhloma, Zhostovo, and Russian tea glass holders in The Russian Store's Dishware section.

What if you could show your love for Russia and nesting dolls by wearing nesting doll jewelry? These matryoshka earrings are one way to have fun with non-nesting Russian dolls. They are very lightweight and colorfully hand-painted. 

Nesting Dolls Earrings

More Nesting Dolls to Wear:

Nesting Doll Brooch
Nesting doll Brooch
Nesting Doll Faberge Egg Locket Pendant Jewelry
Nesting Doll Pendant Locket

These are great gift add-ons for anybody! No need to be Russian to enjoy a cute nesting doll pin on your purse, book-bag, or coat. If you really want to make a Russian impression, however, you must get an authentic Russian Shawl!

We love to share the rich, cultural beauty of Russia... if you love Russia & art, then you should share too! Comment below and let us know if you like what you see... and view many more Russian crafts at

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